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Get to know the humans of Elevate Super.


Helping Australians build wealth with purpose

Elevate Super was established to fulfil a vision of building a better world for all through the power of investing and technology. Our mission is to democratise investing with measurable impact.

Elevate Super is a purpose-built SDG-enabled super fund powered by the brains behind AtlasTrend – a multiple finalist in fintech investment innovation awards.

After many years in the industry both locally and abroad, Kent, Jade and Kevin were motivated to create smarter, more purpose-driven financial products. They see the ~$3 trillion superannuation industry as a vehicle for social change, and want to empower more Australians to realise their investing power.

AtlasTrend is also partly owned by charitable foundations focused primarily on improving the health and well-being of children around the world.


Introducing the Elevate API

Elevate Super has built a tech driven superannuation solution that enables third party brands and platforms to easily embed super natively within an existing website or app. Elevate’s modern API technology allows users to onboard, transact and track their super balance plus sustainable impact all within our partner’s ecosystem.

Meet the team

Kent Kwan
Co-founder/Chief Executive Officer

Kent spent over 17 years working in finance including at Macquarie, JPMorgan and as CIO of an ASX-listed investment fund. Kent also runs a charitable foundation, Jam and Jelly, together with his wife. Their mission is to improve the health and well-being of children around the world.

You'll find Kent binge watch Big Bang Theory and Star Trek in his down time.

Kent on LinkedIn

Jade Ong
Co-founder/Chief Operating Officer

Jade's finance career spans over 17 years in corporate advisory and investment management including at Macquarie and IAG Asset Management. She cares deeply about reducing inequalities and ensuring everyone has access to what they need to thrive (like smart financial services).

Jade is a keen traveller and enjoys camping adventures with her young family.

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Kevin Hua
Co-founder/Chief Investment Officer

Kevin has over 20 years’ experience in finance including at JPMorgan and is an Independent Investment Committee member at Atrium Investment Management and Realside Financial Group. Kevin wants sustainable investing to become the new normal so current and future generations get the chance to prosper.

Kevin is an avid basketball fan and coaches his sons' teams when he's not crunching numbers.

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Marcelo Silva
Chief Marketing Officer

Marcelo is one of the pioneers of the Australian digital space, as part of the founding team in launching PayPal and ING Direct in Australia. His online experience spans two decades across banking, payments, online retail, recruitment, publishing and media agencies for established and challenger brands.

He balances life as a working dad and wants to leave a sustainable future for his kids.

Marcelo on LinkedIn

Tai Tran
Chief Technology Officer

Combining his entrepreneurial know-how, eye for design, technical expertise, and having built startups from the ground up, Tai is the brains behind Elevate Super's tech. Based in sunny California, he's built multiple consumer sites and is highly passionate about creating exceptional customer experiences.

When he isn't coding, you'll find him cruising in his family Tesla.

Victoria Kent
Senior Investment Specialist

Victoria has over 10 years’ experience in investment research and funds management working locally and in the UK. She's also a Vice Chair at Contrarian Value Fund, an ASX-listed investment company.

Victoria is a baking whiz and enjoys running half marathons when she isn't busy running after her toddler.

Victoria on LinkedIn

Olivia Herlambang-Tham
Brand & Content

Olivia spent over a decade crafting human-centred experiences across marketing, design and tech, working for companies like eBay. Her passion lies in bringing brands to life.

In her spare time, she enjoys a bike ride with her son and drinking chai tea.

Olivia on LinkedIn

Lily Jovic

Lily has had a portfolio career in publishing, marketing, advertising and now product. Her favourite role is co-designing solutions to complex problems. Lily subscribes to the idea of voting with your wallet and loves motivating people to take action.

She’s also a pretty good dog sitter.

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May Ann Phang
Legal Counsel

May Ann is an experienced legal professional having worked in Sydney, Perth and the UK for Freehills, Invesco and BUPA. She also runs a charitable foundation on top of being a busy working mum.

She loves spending weekends baking for her 2 daughters.

Joe Revill
Partnerships Consultant

Joe at Revill Enterprises works with the Elevate team on partnerships. With 20 years in media at high-profile international brands, Joe has held senior positions across broadcast TV, digital media, outdoor, retail, print and events, focussed on strategic commercial partnerships. Joe is passionate about educating on how to personally make a positive impact for a sustainable future.

Most mornings, Joe can be spotted bike riding or at a local café, clad in lycra along with other Mamils* (*Middle Aged Men In Lycra)

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Ellie Williams
Media & PR

Ellie is a trusted and skilled PR professional with 15 years’ experience in developing top-level PR strategies for well-known Australian and UK organisations across multiple platforms and tactics.

When she’s not wrangling media, you can find her with her two sons, two dogs and two cats.

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Christopher Hall

Christopher has held a broad range of roles in the financial services industry across funds management, financial planning, stockbroking and building trading systems. Christopher is a Responsible Manager and chairs Compliance and Investment Committees plus obtained and maintained numerous AFS licences.

Christopher enjoys spending time with his children, surfing, doing triathlons and cycling Australia's biggest hills.

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